Wednesday, June 9, 2010



         Hello, and welcome to Fibi's Norn UnderGround!!! (No, not fib-ee,  it's Fee-bee) ok, so welcome to the underground. Here you will Find all sorts of information on Norns. if your, here I'm sure you know what Norns are, if not, google "creatures labs". ok, on this blog, theres gonna be some links, some breeding games, some art, some pics, and maybe some stories. I have been playing the creatures games starting with creatures 2, since I was about 5. now I'm 13 and have been collecting some usefull info over the years! ^^  Cheat of the week:  here is a cheat that is really cool and usefull: press shift ctrl and e at the same time! see what happens!!!  (doesn't always work on mac computers.) Heres a great place to download creatures 2 Norns and some other cool creatures stuff. AmberCreatures I'll be adding a cool link once a week.

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